Exhibitor Process





The Exhibitor Application will be available on the Society’s website on Tuesday, April 3, 2018 at 12:15 pm Eastern.  The form must be completed and submitted to the Society via email or fax (as per the instructions on the form) by or on behalf of the company that wishes to exhibit. 

The Society will assign each applicant a “place number” based on when the Exhibitor Application was received.  (i.e. the first application received will be #1, the second will be #2)

The payment is not immediately required.  However, any company who has applied on or before April 17 must pay by April 17 in order to retain its place number.  If payment is not received by April 17 the applicant is reassigned the next available place number at the end of the list of applicants.

We encourage all exhibit applications and payments (credit card or check) be submitted by April 17 in order to give companies the opportunity to select an available booth space.  Applications without exhibit fee payment will be added to the end of the list of applicants whose payments have not yet been received.  Exhibit booth location will not be assigned until the exhibit payment has been received by the Society.

On or before April 17 once any applications and payments have been collected, the Society will begin to assign booths based on the applicant’s booth type preference.  Applicants will be contacted (e-mail) by the Society in order of place number, to select the company’s booth location based on current availability.  There is limited quantity of booths and we may not be unable to guarantee all requests.

In the event that an exhibit company wishes to change assigned location space the request can be made at any time and the space may be changed based on availability, without consultation or coordination with other exhibitors.  The Society reserves the right to limit change requests by exhibiting companies.

If an exhibitor cancels participation, the previously held booth space is made available to the other exhibitors.

Once company booth locations are determined, they will be listed on the Society website.

Any alteration or deviation from these procedures or change to the exhibit hall floor plan will be made at the discretion of the Society and in the best interests of the conference and exhibit hall.  The exhibitors will be contacted if any change affects their booth placement.

PLEASE NOTE:  Application for booth space does not include registration of exhibit booth staff.  Company representatives working in the exhibit space must register and pay fees to participate in the conference.  The registration fee is $1495 (estimated) per person if received by May 25, or $1695 (estimated) per person if received after May 25.  Exhibit booth staff are welcome and encouraged to attend conference business sessions.  Exhibit booth staff are excluded from entering and winning the exhibitor sponsored raffle for monetary prizes organized by the Society. 

For Exhibit Hall information and application please see the following:

(Please note: If the link below is not active, the document is not available yet.)

For more information on the National Conference Exhibit Hall, please contact Khalilah Wyatt or 212-681-2014.