Financial Hardship Policy

Discounted registration fees, particularly for attorneys who have been unemployed for 6 months or more by the start date of the program, are available. The discounted fees are based on membership, length of membership and financial need of applicant.

Applicants do not necessarily need to be Society members to apply for hardship, although preference is given to members. Application for hardship and granting of a hardship discount is limited to individuals who meet the criteria for program registration or attendance. For example, if a program is open to Society members only, we will not accept a hardship application nor grant discounts to non-members. Also, if a program registration or attendance is limited to attorneys, paralegals or corporate secretaries only, we will not accept the hardship application nor grant discounts to other interested individuals who do not meet attendance criteria.

Applicants who meet the criteria may be granted discounts as follows:  reduction in registration fees or waived registration fee in its entirety. The Society reserves the right to request proof of financial need and the right to determine the amount of discount.

The amount of discount will depend on the number of requests for discounts and the budget for the particular program. For example, the Society might receive 4 applications for a financial hardship discount, but the program budget (cost for meals, printed materials, etc.) does not allow for a 100% discount for each applicant. In order to assist as may applicants as possible, the Society might extend up to a 50% discount to each of the 4 applicants, rather than a 100% discount to only 2 applicants.


Applicants should send a letter explaining his/her need for financial aid and how attending the program would be helpful to:

Ms. Khalilah Wyatt

Conference & Event Coordinator
Society for Corporate Governance 
240 West 35th Street, Suite 400
New York, NY  10001-2506

Based on financial need and overall demand for assistance from all applicants, the Society will review the letter of application, and in writing notify applicants at least one week prior to the start of the program.