National Conference Fund




Separate from sponsorship of individual panels or portions of the conference, members and supporters often choose to donate to the National Conference Fund. The Fund helps contribute to the financial well-being of the Society, engenders goodwill among Society members, and recognizes the Society's and donor organizations' profiles and commitment to strong corporate governance. 

Contributions to this fund are vital in helping the Society to develop and build strong educational programs, and provide constructive engagement opportunities with investors through venues such as The Investor Forum.


» Conference Fund donors are acknowledged at the National Conference in the following ways:

» Conference Program listing the company's contribution and donation level

» Event signage

» Slideshows

» Society website

» Verbally at the event

» Plus receipt of pre- and post- conference registrant list (no email addresses)

National Conference Fund Sponsorship Levels

» Platinum Level ($10,000 +)

» Gold Level ($5,000 - $9,999)

» Silver Level ($2,000 - $4,999)

» Contributor Level ($500 - $1,999)

If interested in donating to the National Conference Fund, contact Andrew Fitzsimons at 212-681-2008.